The purpose of “IMKA” International Internet Music  & Dance Competition” is promotion of classical music and  dance discovery of exceptional artists with outstanding personality and talent ability .”IMKA” Internet Music &
Dance Competition  provides award which can help to launch  classical musicians and dancers international careers and create individual networks for new concert performing opportunities.

” IMKA”International Internet Music & Dance Competition   is open to all nationalities and ages in guitar,strings, piano,wind,vocal ,choruses,conductors , chamber music orchestras and dance groups.

Each discipline is divided into different age categories and Senior Professional (no age limit).


Each participant must submit  filled application online form found bellow ,two separate videos recording of live performances – from any of the following periods: baroque, classical, romantic or contemporary including jazz,pop,rock interpretations, uploaded  live on YouTube,Vimeo,Youku and sending  the link to IMKA  ,accompanied by some  form of  age verification document   all sent through email to  imkaartists@gmail.com 


Selected  Laureates and some First Prize Winners will be  chosen  to perform either at the Army Hall ,in Sarajevo   or  Peters Kirche , Pfarre Canisius Kirche in  Vienna   (exact date of performances and details of offer will be negotiated at the time of announcements and winners will be notified through email ).Invitees will get their awards certificates and the ones whom are not able to personally arrive  or whom are not chosen to arrive will be mailed their certificate awards to the physical address.


When performing a video or live recording internet music and dance competition  entry use a telephone,tablet or a  camera that can record live video of you .

It does not need to be a recording from a concert or such where you had audience or a live performance but it can be.

It should be filmed in a  nice acoustic place so that your live recording will come out well

You can use microphone and amplifiers

Once you are satisfied with your recording /performance transfer it to the computer

Upload recording on Youtube  ( Video should include your name saying FOR IMKA MUSIC COMPETITION )

Send us the link in  an email to our email adress

You are finished!

How to Apply

To apply for the International internet music competition “IMKA”  participants must submit

Step 1. A completed online Application Form

Step 2. Send the link of your video on YouTube, Vimeo, or WeTransfer to:


Step 3: Make a Application Fee Payment of 40 eur  made through PayPall following the link Bellow :

PayPal.Me/ymcabih/ Soloist Fee

PayPal.Me/ymcabih/80Duo Fee

PayPal.Me/ymcabih/120 Trio Fee

PayPal.Me/ymcabih/160 Quartets Fee

If more than 4 participants in the group  please inform us through the email  to supply the link to you

or by completing BANK TRANSFER :


IBAN : BA39 1020 2900 0002 2755




Please make sure the total amount recieved  must be 40 EUR at our end and you assume all bank transfer expenses on your part so ask at bank how to complete transfer and how much extra bank transfer expenses you must asume.

This amount differs  from country to country as different banks charge different amounts.

For participants from  Mainland China ,HK, Singapore, there is an option to pay through a Chinese bank:


General Rules

1. Incomplete applications including failure to pay fees will result in disqualification.

2. The material provided will not be returned and the inscription fee is not refundable.

3. The judges’ decision is final and can not be complained. The comments and punctuation of the jury will not be provided.

4. Finalist Winner of Grand Prix Concert will be provided free accommodation and board covered by the Competition.

5.Other musicians(finalists) may be invited to perform in the concert Series.

6. The competition is not responsible for any damage or theft.

7. Children under 18 years old will be responsibility of their parents or legal guardians. And must be supervised all the time by their parents or legal guardians.

8. “IMKA” International Music & Dance  Competition reserves the right to make any changes in the rules, schedule or other information related to the competition.

9.A panel of judges evaluates and punctuates the video material submitted, and the final selections of winners is based solely on the same recordings submitted.

Scoring  of the “IMKA” International Internet Music & Dance Competition 

Laureate ONLY LAUREATE IS INVITED! IF  DOES NOT EXIST THAN 1st Prize Winner is invited to Grand Prix  Concert. (100/100: 1st Absolute Prize)

1st prize :From 90 to 99

2nd prize: From 80 to 89:

3rd prize : From 70 to 79:


A selected group of winners will receive an invitation to debut at the Army Concert Hall , Sarajevo and Peters Kirche Vienna Austria  IMKA Concert Series


The selected number of winners will receive a signed representation contract with IMKA Artists , artist representation agency  and a certificate/diploma on a Final Award Ceremony.

Special Awards

A special awards may be rewarded to artists of exceptional talent and these may include production of professional CD  with Imka Artists, recitals at different IMKA partner Festivals.

International Internet Music and Dance  Competition Application Deadline for submission 

Deadline:30 JUNE, 2021

The results will be announced: 1 AUGUST  , 2021