Youth Initiative for Creative Engagement “IMKA”


Association for Culture and Social Development on basis of membership

Constituted  according to the Art. 32/01,42/03 63/08  on 17/03/2010 of the Bosnian Civil Law, ID number 4201546320006 it is registered on the  address: Ocaktanum 72, Sarajevo, 71000, BIH, Canton Sarajevo.IMKA i Registered in the list of the associations of membership associations and social development organisations   with the number RU 933/10 UP08-07-1-2992/09

                                     Field of action – Culture and Education

The main goal of the organisation is the  development of local  and international classical music cultural scene ,cooperation and  exchange of knowledge and experiences between  reputable experts in artistic music field,composers,musicians ,teachers  and world wide accomplished musicians of  different countries and cultures, as well as  finding , encouraging  broadcasting new talents

                                                              Main Goals and Activities:

  •  Organization of local and international cultural ,artistic musical events,cultural events seminars and tours  
  •  Support for implementing artistic communication and branding strategy, including, where appropriate, the development of a  quality label for individuals and orchestras.
  • Organisation of Concerts, festivals, international music competitions (traditional and on line through video recordings)
  •  Cooperation with international associations and individual groups to reinforce 
  • Mobility of artistic creators and artists
  • Promotion and showcasing of emerging talent from different  countries in Europe Asia and USA
  • Stimulation of a genuine Europe-wide programme of cultural and artistic activities
  • Contribution to audience development in arist music field
  • Providing visibility to Europe’s values and different cultures

In supporting intercultural dialogue, IMKA Organisation  relies on the ideas, networks and capacities of many partners. Bringing this diverse range of art policies and art projects to life would not be possible without this network of affiliate partners, authorities and cultural institutes in the Member States  as well as organisations like the Local Ministries of Culture.